At BookYourPast:

We will compile a book of your past, providing bespoke packages to capture the essence of your revealed genealogy.

Have you – or perhaps heir hunters working in your behalf - untangled your roots but now can't see the wood for the trees – why not 'leaf' the pruning to us?

Did your ancestors include a comedian? We’ll throw in a few jokes from that era, but beware, age may have withered them; they may no longer be funny!

Would you like an artist’s impression or even a caricature of you with your ancestral kith and kin? How about an illustration of their humble, or prestigious, abode, based on your description?

About Us

Do you hail from the Yorkshire Dales, or gang frae Bonnie Scotland?
Do you bide in the Em'rald Isles, or are you by Bow Bells awakened?
Is language or art your special thing, or do you play the guitar and sing?
We're all the product of who went before; so come, bring your story and let's explore!

Your lineage, preserved in DNA, could reveal itself in your tendency to blush, your stature, the shape of your nose or your gift of the gab! Who amongst your ancestors may have been responsible for passing on those traits: Uncle Ebenezer, Aunty Henrietta, Granny Emily, Great-Grandma Doris, Senator, Bushman, Inventor, Suffragette.


We all have a history! Who were your ancestors? Sometimes we discover them by chance or from an unexpected knock at the door, but at other times we unearth them after doing thorough research. When you have found them though, what will you do? Why not memorialise your unique genealogy or heritage in a book? BookYourPast can capture your heritage for posterity.

Do you have photographs you want to preserve? No problem! Even if you only have a textual description of a relative, we can produce an illustration or caricature of them. We can even include you in the frame!

Choose from our range of packages, designed to suit all budgets.

  • Hardback book 6” x 9” (15.24 x 22.86 cms), matt dust jacket, white paper;
  • 8 free monochrome illustrations;
  • 8 monochrome photographs;
  • Interior artistic design;
  • Up to 10,000 words;
  • Copy-edited and proofread;
  • 1 copy.
  • Hardback book 6” x 9” (15.24 x 22.86 cms), matt dust jacket, white paper;
  • 10 free monochrome illustrations;
  • 10 monochrome photographs;
  • Interior artistic design;
  • Up to 15,000 words;
  • Copy-edited and proofread;
  • 2 copies.
  • Hardback book 6” x 9” (15.24 x 22.86 cms), white paper;
  • Interior artistic design;
  • 15 free monochrome illustrations;
  • 15 photographs (10 monochrome, 5 colour);
  • Copy-edited and proofread;
  • Up to 20,000 words;
  • 2 copies.
  • Leather hardback book 6” x 9” (15.24 x 22.86 cms) with family coat of arms if required, white paper;
  • Interior artistic design;
  • 20 free monochrome illustrations;
  • 20 photographs (10 monochrome, 10 colour);
  • Up to 50,000 words;
  • Copy-edited and proofread;
  • 5 copies.

For all packages you may order multiple copies of your book for friends and relatives. Optional leather hardback cover (except Diamond package), additional photographs, higher quality interior paper, an increased word limit and an e-book are also available upon request, subject to an extra charge.
Please feel free to contact us to discuss any variations on the above.

For a minimal deposit (15%) you will be interviewed and a sample chapter of your book produced for your approval (maximum 3,500 words). This sample will be edited and proofed, contain either one free illustration or your own monochrome photograph, and be artistically presented. Once you are satisfied with its content and style, full production will commence. If you are displeased with the sample, your documents will be returned and you will be free to keep the manuscript as a gesture of goodwill. With prices starting as low as £499, we firmly believe that BookYourPast offers an excellent deal and we hope that you agree!

Please read our 'Frequently Asked Questions'. If you have a query that is not listed there, please complete the 'Contact Us' form, or send an email to: Alternatively, you can call us on: 07484862801.

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